Alumni Updates

G Shellye Horowitz, Psychology, 1995 (Social Science) and 1998 (Psychology)
Submitted: May 11, 2023
Promoted to Hemophilia Federation of America's Director of Education, Shellye leads the Mild Matters initiative fostering dialogue between patients and health care providers at federally funded hemophilia treatment centers. Mild Matters advocates for patients with mild bleeding disorders regarding equitable access to diagnosis and treatment and standardization of care throughout the USA. Additionally, Shellye increases patient and provider understanding of inherent systemic biases women face seeking diagnosis and treatment for bleeding disorders. She works to eliminate barriers perpetuated through continued use of outdated x-linked inheritance nomenclature. If your biology book tells you hemophilia is rare in women, IT IS WRONG!!!
Anna Petersen, History, 2018
Submitted: March 27, 2023
Anna Petersen has returned to her native country of Hungary in 2019, along with husband Jared and son Tibby. After working for a bilingual education nonprofit in Budapest, where students learn English in a fully immersive environment with lessons co-taught by native Hungarian and English-speaking instructors, she joined the fintech company Wise in 2022 in an anti-money laundering role.
Cyndy Phillips, English, 1998
Submitted: August 26, 2022
On September 3, 2022, Humboldt had its first published anthology of painters, Looking for Beauty. The publishing was designed and compiled by Cyndy Phillips ('98, English), a former English faculty. For nearly four years, the project was advised by Cal Poly Press and professor, James Woglom (who wrote the foreword). In August of 2022 at the Redwood Art Association (603 F St, Eureka), the final 80 limited edition books were on sale as a fundraiser to support the Redwood Art Association’s Annual Paint Out. The event was ushered in by gypsy jazz, North Story Wines, and free food.
G Shellye Horowitz, Psychology, 1995 (Social Science) and 1998 (Psychology)
Submitted: February 25, 2022
After serving in K-12 education for 25 years, G Shellye Horowitz was named associate director of education of the Hemophilia Federation of America. Shellye recently coordinated a national webinar addressing outdated scientific nomenclature of "dominant" and "recessive" in reference to x-linked diseases. This terminology is a barrier to diagnosis and treatment for women who are heterozygous carriers and manifest X-linked diseases. Patients, healthcare providers, and advocates will continue the conversation on a national level to reduce health disparities and increase access to appropriate care for female carriers of x-linked diseases.
Timothy Rupiper, Liberal Studies Elementary Education, 2020
Submitted: February 9, 2022
Timothy Rupiper received a job as an outreach advisor for Academic Talent Search at Sonoma State University. Rupiper is responsible for providing consistent, accurate, academic advising services to first generation, low income, college bound 6th to12th grade students. Advising includes exploring academic requirements of a specific program or major and assisting students in exploring careers, evaluating academic abilities, and setting goals.
Mark A Rayner, Kinesiology, 1999
Submitted: January 15, 2022
After spending 15 years as a Park Ranger, Mark A Rayner moved on to his final career as Parks and Recreation Exhibit Designer/Builder in a city of one million people six years ago. Rayner's responsibilities include designing creative park features; from graphic design and engineering to signage to restoring historical features to theming entire amusement park rides, this career continues to challenge both his creative and administrative education and backgrounds all while affording his family a life living in the beautiful Redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Rae Miller, Business Administration, 2010
Submitted: June 28, 2021
Four years ago, Rae and her husband quit their jobs and hit the road to travel in an RV full-time. They started a blog ( and began sharing everything we've learned about RVing there. Along the way, they've made incredible friends that live the same lifestyle and they created a business with them called RV Masterclass. This is an online education platform for new RVers who wanted to learn how they too can live life full-time on the road. She wants to share with HSU that they recently sold their first business, RV Masterclass! She gives credit to her Business degree for helping her live this exciting lifestyle.
Mohsin Aziz, Business Administration, 1992
Submitted: April 27, 2021
Mohsin has worked in IT since graduating from HSU. In 1997 he started his own IT services company, NYLEX.Net, which is now the most prominent IT services company in Humboldt County. The company has hired numerous HSU graduates as IT support technicians and engineers as it continues its growth.
Julie Tyler, Liberal Studies Elementary Education, 2016
Submitted: November 2, 2020
Julie Tyler recently got their multiple subject credential and moved back to Humboldt County over the summer. They are now working at a local elementary school in Arcata in a place they love with all their heart.
Veronica Sirkis Dunning, Economics, 1984
Submitted: August 11, 2020
Veronica Dunning's, Economics, 1984, new book, Violet Ribbons, became a finalist in the San Diego Book Awards. The book is available on Amazon and Kindle and is an enjoyable read for escaping with fiction in these trying days. Violet Ribbons provides positive, encouraging messages of self-worth, and dignity.
Michael Mooradian, Business Administration, 1983
Submitted: July 8, 2020
Michael Mooradian, Business Administration, 1983 retired in March, 2020 after more than 32 years with the Los Angeles County Assessor. Mooradian said "a lot of hard work and taxpayer contact wore me down and now, at last, the old gray mare ain't what she used to be". Mooradian is now volunteering his time with the Armenian Relief and Development Association (ARDA). This organization builds housing, sends food and clothing, and maintains a healthcare facility in Armenia for the benefit of impoverished Armenians. Many of these people have been living in cargo containers since the 1988 earthquake. Mooradian thanks the God of the Bible for his education at Humboldt State University and the benefits it provided him throughout his life.
Donald Moseley, Economics, 1964
Submitted: June 8, 2020
Donald Moseley, Economics, 1964, was born in Scotia, California to Adeline (Safford) and John Moseley on March 10, 1942 and passed away on May 11, 2020 surrounded by his family. He graduated from Eureka High School, served in Vietnam, and worked as a Region Transportation Manager for Hershey Chocolate in Oakdale. He was a Stockton resident for 46 years. In retirement, he often taught Digital Photography for Stockton Institute for Continued Learning at San Joaquin Delta College. Photography was his passion and he enjoyed world travels that gave him photo opportunities. He was an avid reader and loved movies and games. He is survived by his wife Carolyn, daughters: Jennifer Moseley; Michelle Espy, and grandchildren Amber, Joseph and Zachary Espy.
Michael Mooradian, Business Administration, 1983
Submitted: June 6, 2020
Michael Mooradian, Business Administration, 1983, worked for the Los Angeles County Assessor for over 32 years and retired in March 2020. As a supervising appraiser, Mooradian was responsible for training and leading his appraisal staff in equalizing assessments on business equipment. Mooradian diligently and tirelessly served the taxpayers of Los Angeles County. His education at HSU well prepared him for this long-term work opportunity. He and his wife, Pam, are now retired in the Los Angeles area and he is planning to do volunteer work for organizations he supports.
Kristian Espinoza, Psychology, 2017
Submitted: June 5, 2020
Kristian Espinoza, Psychology, 2017, is happily married and has a six-month old baby. Espinoza works with marginalized communities through a program called Wrap Around and before that they worked at a group-home serving the 6-12 year old children that lived there.
Shannon Whaley (Bush), Psychology, 2001
Submitted: February 21, 2020
After graduating from HSU, Shannon Whaley, Psychology, 2001, moved to Seattle to pursue a career as a domestic violence counselor as well as a chemical dependency professional. After leaving the social services in 2005, she became a hairstylist for seven years, working at the top salon in Seattle. In 2013 she moved to the Cayman Islands to figure things out and became a credentialed coach through the International Coaching Federation. In 2015, Whaley opened her own business and began working as a business and marketing coach. She became a coach trainer and eventually the head of admissions for a coach training company. In 2017 she moved to Italy and met and married her husband, where they live with three cats.
Pamela Hartvig Range, Social Work, 1967
Submitted: October 30, 2019
Pamela Hartvig Range is a practicing psychotherapist, expressive arts therapist, and artist. After graduating from HSU she went on to get her MSW at California State University Sacramento, an MFA in paint from California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California, and a PhD in Expressive Therapy. She is practicing privately in Sacramento, California. Hartvig Range also worked as a medical social worker and performed many types of out patient mental health as well as a lot of clinical supervision. She has shown her oil paintings and prints all over. She did abstract landscapes for 30 years and has switched to the human form.
Erin Guidarelli, Kinesiology, 2014
Submitted: October 25, 2019
Erin Guidarelli, Kinesiology, 2014, graduated from Pacific University Master of Athletic Training program in May 2019 with honors and received the Outstanding Graduate Award from the Alumni Association. She earned a M.S. in Athletic Training with a Concentration in Interprofessional Education. Guidarelli also served as Secretary on the Northwest Athletic Trainer's Association (NWATA) Student Executive Board and is currently working on the Public Relations Committee for the Washington Athletic Trainer's Association (WSATA). She worked with the Special Olympics Oregon Unified Basketball Games providing medical coverage for the 2019 season.
Stephanie Kretz (Nicponski), Child Development Elementary Education (Liberal Studies), 2006
Submitted: October 18, 2019
Stephanie Kretz, Child Development, 2006, became a member of The California State Bar in 2015 and is currently a practicing attorney for the County of Humboldt.
Ashley B Birkeland, Psychology, 2005
Submitted: October 4, 2019
In June, 2019 Ashley Birkeland, Psychology, 2005, completed her Ph.D. in Education Policy, Organizations and Leadership at the University of Washington. Her research focused on dual-credit course taking in the state of Washington.
Jennifer Elliott, Liberal Studies Elementary Education, 1999
Submitted: August 31, 2019
Jennifer Elliott, Liberal Studies Elementary Education, 1999, has had a teaching career working in public schools across the United States (California, Indiana, North Carolina) and in Japan’s public school system with the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. She also spent time as coordinator of a federal grant program funding Indian Education in Ventura County. Currently Jennifer is working as a first grade teacher at Montalvo Arts Academy in Ventura, California.