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Alumni, parents and other friends of HSU have been generous in giving back to the university’s academic departments. Students and alumni tell us they appreciate the personal attention from faculty at Humboldt, the hands-on learning outside the classroom, and the strong feeling of community here. It’s an experience that isn’t matched at larger institutions. For most of today’s students, working to make ends meet is not an option, but a necessity. With spiraling college costs and diminishing financial support, too many students have to choose between meeting their basic needs, education, and preparing for their careers. Your support helps ensure that today’s students don’t have to sacrifice one of more of these. Below are some of the initiatives made possible thanks to your generous support:

  • paid internships at businesses or non-profit government-community agencies to conduct viability studies, marketing analyses, accounting audits, develop wellness programs, provide counseling to community members, and more
  • access to portable technology for hands-on learning of statistical modeling and analyses, accounting, program evaluation, and researching emerging promising and best practices across wide disciplines and professions
  • access to improved laboratories to study and improve programs for concussion testing, gait analysis, physical conditioning, and wellness programs
  • angel funds for students couch surfing or needing to visit ailing family members back home
  • replenishing the on-campus food pantry to address student hunger and providing cooking classes for healthy and frugal cooking and eating


Your support not only supports today’s HSU students, but ensures that HSU students contribute to making a difference in the lives of those around them. The nine paid interns working in the HSU Food Pantry help to serve over 900 HSU students who are able to have access to more and healthier foods while working and earning a college degree. Thanks to these paid interns and their faculty advisors, we have been able to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars from the U.S. Department of Education and other agencies to address alleviating hunger through both short-term and longer-term initiatives (by providing on-campus jobs for improved service provision while providing income for students to pay for food and other basic/essential goods. Thank you for considering a gift to the department. Together, we can help today’s students achieve their dreams.


Learn more at Giving to HSU or contact

Development & Alumni Relations at 707.826-5101.

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